Why It Is Bad Not To Renew Bike Insurance

By now you are aware that as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, having a motor insurance is mandatory in India. As research says, most of the households in India own a two-wheeler. Majority of them do insure their bikes when it’s new, but forget or neglect until their prized possession is no longer their passion. But, neglecting a bike insurance will be regretful if an ill-fated event takes place. This article will run-through you, with the benefits of a bike insurance with some trends which will make bike insurance renewal heedful.

  • Will keep protected against natural disasters

Be it cyclone, fire, earthquake, landslide, storm, etc. A bike insurance policy will always keep you protected from the natural calamities. The protection is not only in terms of repairing cost but also if it suffers total loss.

  • Man-made calamities are also covered

What more, man-made calamities like strike, burglary, war, accidents.They are all covered. Also, if due to some reason a part of your vehicle needs to be replaced, a bike insurance policy will cover that as well.

  • Renewing bike policy is a step closer to getting more discount

It’s true! Non-claim free years will accumulate NCB (no claim bonus) for you and this bonus will help you to get discount on your bike insurance policy renewal. Thus, reducing the overall premium. But, remember this reduction of premium is only when you opt for a comprehensive policy.

  • Will keep you protected against third party liability

As per law a third party liability only, policy is mandatory in India. It will keep you protected against an event where the third party or third party property is damaged due to your vehicle.

  • Provides security all the time

A bike insurance policy is as good as keeping a health policy for you. It will always keep you protected financially due to obligatory liabilities of an accident. However, make sure that the claims raised against your bike insurance have to be legitimate.

Trends You Can’t Afford To Ignore While You Renew Bike Insurance      

  • Renew policy online

Food, accessories, clothing, you name it and you have it all online. Some websites even sell gold jewellery online! Renewing bike insurance policy online is easy, quick and you get your bike insurance policies instantly.

  • Be wise and choose add-on covers only if needed

Add-on covers will enhance your bike policy cover. With some additional amount one can opt for these. However, just choose what is needed, not all covers will in use to you. Some important covers include the nil depreciation cover, engine protector etc.

  • Compare before you hop on buying

Though this is not a trend, but both, a need and a necessity. Type ‘bike insurance’ on your search engine and to your surprise, you might come across n number of brokers and aggregators selling bike insurance online. Comparing the features, benefits, plans, premiums etc. will take you a step closer to a customized bike insurance policy for you. However, buying policy from an IRDA registered broker will be safe and secure.

  • Selecting long-term policies

Long term policies are as good as your long term visas, where one does not have to renew until a specific period. With bike insurance, it’s a trend-setter. A long term bike policy is available for 2- 3 years, which will keep you tension free and relieved.

  • Be a good and safe driver

Being a good driver is just not for gratification of yourself, it is to save yourself from losing out the NCB. As discussed earlier, the NCB acts like a discount and helps you get a low premium policy. However, a good percentage of NCB is only accumulated with non-claim free years.

Blunders to Avoid

If you intend to protect your bike, the third party, and also save a bit on your bike insurance policy premium. Here are few things you should stop doing like…

  • Don’t let your policy lapse

If you let your policy expire, you lose out on the chance of getting a NCB.

  • Select correct NCB as previous year policy

Not doing this, will amount to fraud and chances are that your bike claim might get rejected.

  • Avoid drink and drive

This is the most basic rule. This is will save you from all the mishaps. You will not get any compensation from the insurance company if you have an accident under the influence of alcohol.

Thus, renewing bike insurance policy sometimes is even quicker than making instant noodles provided you follow the online process properly and take into consideration the above points.

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